How to Reserve

Create your user account
Register your name, mail address and password

1Create your user account

To make a reservation, you need to create a user account on SuperSaaS website and log in.
Click here to access the SuperSaaS website.

Click “Create user account”.
Enter the necessary information.

2Make a reservation

Select an available date and time for the session
Click “new reservation”, and your reservation will be created.

Your reservation is complete when it shows “You successfully created reservation”.

After the reservation is complete, a reservation confirmation mail will be sent to your email address.
Please pay on the day by cash (yen) or credit card (VISA, mastercard, AMERICAN EXPRESS)

Cancel reservation

Click the URL at the confirmation mail
Drop the reservation you want to cancel into the trash can

1Select the session you want to cancel

Click the URL with a red circle in the confirmation mail.

Check mark is indicated on the session you reserved.

2Drop the session you want to cancel into the trash can.

Click the point with a red circle below.

Click the “trash can” button, and it will be canceled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What language can I choose?

You can choose from the languages below.

Who can use the reservation website?

Anyone can view the status of the session schedule.
In order to make a reservation, you need to create a user account on SuperSaaS website and log in.

What information is necessary to create a user account?

Your full name, email address, password, and your country.
Your email address is necessary for sending the reservation confirmation.
Your full name is necessary when you participate in the session.
Personal information acquired on this website is and will be only used for the tea session purposes.

Are there any email notifications for confirmation?

At the time the reservation is complete and two hours before the session, an email notification will be sent to your email address.

Can I make a reservation in other ways than the online website?

No, you can reserve the seat only through the reservation website.

Until when can I reserve and change the session I take?

Online reservation and change of the   session schedule are available until two hours before the session starts.

Can you take the session without reservation?

Yes, you can only attend the session if there is any vacancy in reservation schedule before it starts. However, to make sure you will be able to attend the session, reservation is highly recommended.

Also please note we do not accept drop in to the experience once the session starts. In this case, sign up for the next session available at the reservation website.

Is private session available?

Yes, private session is available.
Please note private sessions are not guaranteed for groups of 4 or less

Private session price
Number of participants:
1 to 4: additional charge 6,000 yen
5: 7,500 yen
6: 9,000 yen

How do I reserve a private session?

Reserve a private session
1.Log in to the reservation website, and click the time schedule you want to participate.
A Private session is only possible when the number shows one to four people (0/4).

2.Click “Create new reservation”

3.Enter your full name and country

4.Select the number of participants.
In order to block another request to reserve the seats, make sure to select “4”.
Click “Create reservation”, and your reservation is complete.
A Reservation confirmation will be sent to your email address.