Let’s enjoy Japanese tea ceremony experience together!

The Japanese tea ceremony, also known as the Way of Tea (called chanoyu, sadou or chadou in Japanese), is a fascinating Japanese cultural activity that involves the ceremonial art and performance of preparing and presenting Japanese green tea (matcha) for a guest.
At Yamayuri, you can experience an easy and enjoyable Japanese tea ceremony session.

In Japan, tea gathering events are held where many people participate inside and outside of a tearoom.
Yamayuri welcomes you by creating such atmosphere.

Sessions for our Japanese tea ceremony experience are held in a formal ryurei style (*1) in which you sit at a table with your shoes on.
We use a table called misonodana(*2) in ryurei style.

It would be our pleasure if you could appreciate Japanese tea ceremony and create wonderful memories.

*1 Ryurei Style:
The style of serving tea where both the host and guest use tables and chairs is called ryurei. At the Kyoto Exposition held in 1872, it was developed by the 11th grand tea master of Urasenke, Gengensai, to entertain foreign guests who were not used to sitting on their knees.
*2 Misonodana:
The table for the table-and-chair style was established by Tantansai, the 14th grand master of Urasenke, for a tea gathering in Kyoto Imperial Palace in 1952, celebrating the coming of age of the then Crown Prince (now Emperor Emeritus) Akihito.

Session Flow

  • 1
    Sign up on your computer

    You may sign up until two hours before the session.
    *It is not applicable when the seats are full

  • 2
    Visit our tearoom

    It is a six-minute walk from Asakusa Station or Sensoji Temple.
    Directions to Yamayuri

  • 3
    Japanese tea ceremony experience

    One session is start from 40 minutes.

Session Fee
Prices start from 1,500yen / start from 40 minutes /
per person / at one time

(reservation only) Irregular holidays

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Show them when you visit us before the session, and you will get Japanese dry sweets for free.

Message from
Japanese tea ceremony
teacher Kobayashi

Hello, I am Souyu Kobayashi, Japanese tea ceremony teacher at Yamayuri.
Thank you for visiting the Yamayuri website.

I am pretty sure you visit us because you are interested in tea ceremony.
Why don’t you experience Japanese Tea Ceremony at Yamayuri?
Even if you have never experienced Japanese tea ceremony before, you will have a relaxed tea time here.
Please enjoy yourself in Japanese tea ceremony experience.

Obtained 入門 Nyumon (The Urasenke Japanese tea ceremony Tradition entry level) 小習 Konarai (beginner level)
By 1994, obtained the following certifications:
Satsubako 茶通箱, Karamono 唐物, Daitenmoku 台天目, Bondate 盆点, Wakindate 和巾点, Chabakodate 茶箱点, Gyou-no-gyou daisu 行之行台子, Shin-no-gyou daisu 真之行台子, Daien-sou 大円草, Daien-shin 大円真, Hikitsugi 引次, Sei-hikitsugi 正引次
Obtained chamei 茶名 and monkyo 紋許(Sennin koushi 専任講師, a full-time instructor level)